New energy lithium sprayer

New energy lithium sprayer

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0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Most of the spraying operations in China ’s small greenhouses use backpack spraying, the spraying method of new energy lithium electric sprayer It is simple and convenient, suitable for single-person operation. There are mainly 3 types of backpack spraying methods,

One is manual pressing, which is labor-intensive;

The second is high-pressure gas cylinder pressurization, high cost, mostly used for short-term scientific research spray;

The third is electric pressurization. The new energy lithium sprayer has the characteristics of environmental protection and labor saving. The advantage of electric pressure is that the spray pressure is constant between 0. 3 ~ 0. 4 MPa, and the uniformity of spray droplets and spraying efficiency are better than manual pressure.

Therefore, the installation applies electric pressure skills to the backpack spraying equipment, and optimizes the design for the original thin skills, and then achieves a reduction of more than 40% of the weight of the medical equipment, and improves the spray life {{1 }} Effect above h The primary link in the design of the new knapsack-type electric sprayer includes the battery, pressure pump, base, spray bar, and nozzle 5 parts.

New energy lithium sprayerBy designing the battery as a new type lithium battery, the advantages of the lithium battery are high voltage channels, large energy density, light weight, small size, long service life, and environmental protection. At the same time, the pressure pump becomes a built-in compact structure, which improves the strength of the medical device Greatly simplify the structure of the base. In addition, an external pressure port is added to the handle part of the spray bar, and the nozzle is changed to a combined sealing structure, which has great versatility and is worth buying.