Electric agricultural sprayer

Electric agricultural sprayer

Product Details

Hangyu Plastic's agricultural sprayer is used to spray water-like fine mist. It can also adjust the size of the sprayed water droplets. The color and raw materials are very good. It has super hardness and is economical and durable. It is an essential gardening product for family flowers. The direct current automatic tube-repellent spraying machine is suitable for sanitation and epidemic prevention, disinfection of hotels, greenhouses, and warehouses; water spraying of flowers, bonsais, nurseries, and pest control; small-scale farm vegetables and fruit trees; The spray of cleaning agent, detergent and detergent can also be used to spray water for cleaning furniture and glass.

Ordinary hand crank


  1, the price is low.

  2, convenient maintenance, low price of accessories.


  1, low efficiency and high labor intensity are not suitable for large area operations.

  2. The liquid medicine is running, running, leaking or dripping. The operator is simply wetted by the liquid medicine, which is easy to be poisoned and not environmentally friendly.

  3 High maintenance rate is too troublesome.

High pressure automatic


  1, high efficiency (up to 3 to 4 times of ordinary hand sprayer), low labor intensity, and continuous operation.

  2, the wearing rate is low, the maintenance rate is very low, and there is basically no cost to use.

  3, the atomization reaches or exceeds the electric sprayer, and the direct injection range reaches 7 to 11 meters.


  1. The sprayer should take about two minutes to press the potion into the sprayer before spraying.

  2, the use method is different from other sprayers, you must read the instructions to use it well.