Air-driven electric spray canister

Air-driven electric spray canister

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0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Regarding dwarfing and dense planting plants like cotton, general sprayer sprayers cannot penetrate the cotton crown The layer application is not good. In order to improve the application of pesticides, on the basis of existing general sprayer sprayers, air-sending electric spray cylinders have appeared. Although the boom sprayer has improved the accumulation and distribution of the chemical liquid and the application of the spray, the droplets are difficult to spread in the canopy, and the accumulation and distribution of the chemical liquid in the canopy are extremely uneven; Airflow sprays pesticide droplets into the crop canopy. This method can greatly increase the accumulation of drug solution inside the canopy.

The air-driven electric spray barrel is also a medicine spraying tool suitable for spraying in large-scale orchards. The four-wheel medicine sprayer has the advantages of good spray quality, saving medicine, low water consumption, and high-end production power. The pressure of the liquid atomizes the medicine liquid, but rely on the fan to generate a powerful air flow to blow the droplets to various parts of the fruit tree. The high-speed airflow of the fan helps the mist droplets penetrate the lush fruit tree branches and leaves, and the well promotes the leaf turning, which improves the adhesion rate of the drug solution, and does not damage the branches of the fruit tree or damage the fruit, which is very useful.