Lithium battery electric sprayer

Lithium battery electric sprayer

Product Details

Lithium battery electric sprayer is a kind of lithium ion battery, but compared with liquid lithium battery, it has many significant advantages such as high energy density, more compact, ultra-thin, lightweight, high safety and low cost. A new type of battery.

Lithium battery electric sprayer diaphragm function:

1. The diaphragm can provide safety guarantee for the lithium battery electric sprayer. The separator material must first have good insulation. In order to avoid the short circuit situation caused by the touch of the positive and negative electrodes or the short circuit situation caused by burrs, particles, dendrites, etc. The extension and puncture strength are not easy to tear, and can basically maintain the stability of the scale under sudden high temperature conditions, and will not cause large-scale short-circuit and thermal runaway of the battery due to melt shrinkage.

2. The diaphragm can supply micro-porous channels for the lithium battery electric sprayer to realize the charge and discharge function and the rate function. Therefore, the separator must be a thin film with a high porosity and uniform distribution of micropores. The characteristics of the separator material and the pore characteristics after film formation will limit the movement of lithium ions in the electric sprayer of the lithium battery, and the functional parameter is the ion conductivity.