Motor water pump

Motor water pump

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According to the structural classification, the motor water pump should be divided into horizontal motor and vertical motor. Because the working characteristics of the water pump are that the starting torque is relatively small, the starting frequency is relatively small, and the continuous running time is relatively long, the motor water pump is mostly an asynchronous motor or a synchronous motor of a squirrel cage rotor.

The selection of the motor water pump should be based on the shaft power; the motor power is greater than the shaft power by one grade; for example: the shaft power is 15 KW, and the motor selection should be: 18. {{2}} As for the use of KW multi-pole motor, according to the actual working conditions. The 2 pole motor is generally used when the head is slightly high and the flow is not large (accounting is more complicated). For occasions with large flow and small head, choose 4 pole motor.Electric sprayerFor large flow rate and low head, choose 4 or 6 pole motor. When choosing a six-pole motor, the power can be reduced by one level according to the shaft power.

Motor pumps can be widely used in different fields, in addition to applications in flammable, explosive or corrosive gases, such as transportation, mixing, printing, agricultural machinery and video processing machines, but also in machine tools and pumps , Blowers, compressors and other supporting equipment.