How to maintain the electric sprayer?
- 2020-03-06-

The electric super-large-capacity sprayer is favored by more and more vegetable farmers because of its convenient use and high work efficiency. Now it has become the main tool for preventing and controlling pests and diseases in greenhouses. However, electric sprayers are relatively "precious". Once improper operation in use and maintenance is not timely, it is easy to malfunction. How to maintain it in order to prolong the service life of the sprayer? The reporter interviewed Han Manager, who is engaged in the sale of sprayers. He suggested that vegetable farmers should do the following.

First of all, in formal use, check whether each connection leaks. When in use, install the clean water test spray first, and then install the medicine. When adding medicine, add the medicine first and then add water. The liquid level of the medicine liquid should not exceed the safe water level. Before spraying, open the electric sprayer early to increase the air pressure in the barrel to the working pressure to ensure smooth spraying.

Secondly, after the sprayer is used, it is necessary to clean the chemical liquid barrel, hose, spray bar and other parts, and pay special attention to shoveling the oil dirt on the pump and the mud in the concave part of the chemical liquid barrel. Since most pesticides have a certain corrosive effect on sprayers, after use, they should be washed with alkaline water in time and rinsed with clean water. Especially after spraying highly corrosive pesticides such as Bordeaux mixture, soak in alkaline water for 1? 2 hours. Pay attention to avoid rust. All detachable parts must be removed and washed. The inner pipe wall of the spray bar and spray head should be modified with engine oil to prevent moisture and rust. If the sprayer is not to be used in a short period of time, the main parts should be cleaned, dried and stored in a cool and dry place. If it is not necessary for a long time, grease all metal parts to avoid rust.

In addition, the core components of electric sprayers are water pumps and batteries. Although there are several types of pumps on the market, these pumps are afraid of clogging. Therefore, it is necessary to use clean water to flush the medicine. When adding water, it must be filtered with a small filter to avoid blockage.

In addition, Mr. Han specially reminded the vegetable grower: after the sprayer is deactivated, the battery should be fully charged and placed in a dry and shaded place, and the battery should be charged every one or two months. If the storage time becomes shorter, add distilled water in time.