Characteristics and application scope of self-propelled fight drugs
- 2020-03-05-

The self-propelled sprayer is mainly used in agriculture, rice, orchards, flower nurseries, vegetable bases and other spraying to control diseases and insect pests and pumping irrigation. It can also be used to clean vehicles, public places, garbage places and animal husbandry. Power, medicine pump, can be arbitrarily combined to meet different levels and market needs. The unique liquid mixing equipment has the same effect before and after spraying and disinfection. The ball tube reel is particularly simple and labor-saving.

Features of self-propelled fight drugs:

  1, high power, low fuel consumption, strong pressure, uniform atomization, high / far range;

  2, can work together with multiple people, high power, save medicine, strong adhesion, and reduce the cost of prevention and control;

  3 Simple operation, safe use and convenient maintenance.

  4, the unique front and rear equipment reel, the operating range is larger, the power is higher.

  5. It can be sprayed, sprayed with direct current, and sprayed with water, especially suitable for field operations.

The self-propelled sprayer is easy to move, high-altitude spraying, and simple operation. It can comfortably and economically spray plant protection agents and particles on fruits, vegetables, flowers and trees. It can effectively help you maintain outdoor plants. Self-propelled small-sized pesticides are suitable for pest control in forests, nurseries, orchards, tea gardens, cotton, wheat, rice, corn and other field crops and large-scale pastures. In cities and suburbs, garden plants, vegetable gardens, and material greenhouses Plant pest control, sanitation and disinfection of hospitals, conference rooms, theaters, stadiums, docks, stations, buses, passenger trains, disinfection and sterilization of urban sewers and heating channels, basements, air shelters and various cargo warehouses.

Such as; residential buildings, villas, office buildings, schools, canteens, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, feed factories, warehouses, vegetable farms, supermarkets, waste disposal and filling areas, underground drains, streets, jungles, cattle farms, chickens Farms, pig farms and other forestry trees, agriculture and other pest control, farms and other local pests can be used in various places to prevent infectious diseases.