48 V Applicable scope of automatic spraying machine
- 2020-03-05-

  48 vAutomatic fight drugsIt is a kind of spraying machine that disperses the liquid and calls it as a mist. Because of its relatively high degree of automation and mechanization, the 48 v automatic spraying machine is particularly applicable.

  1. Prevention of diseases and insect pests in apple, cherry, pear, peach, vineyard and other orchards.

  2. Prevention of diseases and insect pests in forest trees, green belts, gardens and gardens.

  3. Prevention and control of diseases and insect pests of various crops in the greenhouse.

  4. Cotton, rice, wheat, corn and other field crops pest control.

  5. Disinfection and sterilization of locusts, plague, sanitation and epidemic prevention, urban sewers, basement shelters, and various warehouses.

  6. Sanitation and disinfection of hospitals, theaters, schools, stations and terminals

  7. Disinfection and sterilization of pig, chicken, cow, sheep and other livestock breeding places.

  8. 48 v The high-pressure automatic pesticide sprayer is also suitable for flies, mosquitoes, disinfection and sterilization in various places.

  48 vHigh-pressure automatic pesticide spraying machine is a new type of pesticide application method in recent years. Many vegetable greenhouse growers will often use the pesticide spraying machine to control pests and diseases, so we must master the application method when applying it.

Therefore, the sprayer also plays a very important role. Let's take a look at the advantages of using the sprayer in a greenhouse.

  1) Saving time and effort, the 200 meter long greenhouse can be sprayed in 15 minutes, reducing labor intensity

  2) The effect is fast, the fine particles produced by the spray of the smoke machine have strong penetrating power, and can directly pass through the canopy of the plant strain to kill insects and sterilize without leaving a dead end.

  3) Lasting effect, increase temperature. 0. {{2}} — 10 Micron drug particles, floating in the air for a long time (2 — 8 hours).

  4) Lower humidity, increase production and income: the water consumption of the smoke machine is extremely small, and pesticides will be sprayed as usual in rainy and rainy weather, which will not affect the growth of crops due to excessive humidity.

  5) Few pesticide residues: The atomizer particles of the smoke machine are slender and uniform in temperature, which is an ideal supporting machine for developing green and pollution-free vegetables.