How to choose and buy a four-wheeled drug fight machine?
- 2020-04-07-

The four-wheel sprayer is mainly used for spraying pesticides in agriculture, rice and vegetable bases to prevent and cure diseases and insect pests and pumping irrigation. It can also be used for cleaning vehicles in public places, garbage sites and animal husbandry. The liquid medicine is crushed into micron particles in 60 seconds and discharged into the air to cool and form a mist (smoke) that is ejected from the nozzle at a high speed and quickly dispersed and filled. When the target being controlled comes into contact with this mist Or smoke, it plays a role in prevention or treatment.

How to choose and buy a four-wheel fight drugs

When purchasing a four-wheeled drug fight machine, the following factors are generally considered.

First, the characteristics of the diseases and pests to be controlled are all different. It is necessary to select the appropriate pesticides and spraying work methods according to the actual situation, and then determine the type of plant protection machinery four-wheeled pesticide fight machine. Assuming that high-standard pesticides are to be sprayed, it is not appropriate to use mist sprayers and ultra-low volume sprayers.

Second, according to the plant height and density of the crops, the cultivation method and growth period determine whether it is the seedling stage, or the spraying in the middle and late stages, and the location and density of the drugs to be covered. Assuming the prevention and control of forest fruit diseases and insects, high-pressure, high-range models should be used.

Third, whether the natural conditions of the field are flat or not, the dry field is still a paddy field, and the spacing between the plants and rows of crops, etc., have an impact on the function of plant protection machinery. Assuming that the water-scarce area should try to use powder spraying machinery or ultra-low-volume four-wheel sprayer, scattered scattered plots should be selected for easy transfer of backpack sprayers.

4. For villages with better production and operation conditions and economic conditions, or villages with a scale of operation, you can choose high-efficiency, high-power four-wheel fight drugs, and you can purchase 43 horsepower self-propelled four-wheel fight drugs ; In areas with poor economic conditions or inadequate plant protection social service arrangements, a backpack-type manual sprayer can be used.