How to extend the service life of self-propelled fight drugs?
- 2020-03-05-

Self-propelled sprayer is a kind of agricultural machinery that disperses the liquid. It is a kind of agricultural spraying machinery. It is also called high-stem crop sprayer or field shower sprayer. Most self-propelled pesticides have strong corrosiveness during use, which will affect the service life of the pesticides. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly maintain the self-propelled drug fight machine, and the specific points are as follows:

After adding a self-propelled drug fight machine, you should carefully read the instruction manual, understand its technical performance and adjustment methods, correct use, protection and maintenance methods, etc., and strictly follow. The rotating parts should be lubricated according to the specified lubricating oil, and the fixed parts should be fixed firmly. The connecting parts should be firmly connected, tightened and closed well. The missing pads or gaskets should be replaced or replaced when they are aging to prevent the leakage of liquid medicine or powder.

After spraying the medicine, the medicine box, infusion (powder) tube and various working parts should be emptied and cleaned with clean water. Sprayers that have been sprayed with herbicides must be completely cleaned with alkaline water if they are used to spray pesticides. When self-propelled fight drugs are not applicable, when long-term storage, all parts are washed with hot water, soapy water or alkaline water, and then cleaned with clean water. Perhaps the water storage part should be cleaned and stored after drying. The rubber products and plastic parts on the sprayer should be placed in a dark place with low temperature.

When storing in winter, they should be kept in their natural state, not too twisty or stressed. In addition, it should be noted that the parts of the air blower that are attributed to metal materials should avoid rust, and cannot be put together with corrosive things such as fertilizers and pesticides. Parts that have been worn and damaged should be repaired or replaced in time to ensure a good skill status at work.

The spraying machine is suitable for machine sowing, planting water, crop diseases and insect pests in upland fields, and professional machine-to-control and unified prevention and control work. The spraying machine makes up for the lack of manual spraying machines in the past. The use of the spraying machine saves labor and time and improves the working efficiency. The machine uses a multi-cylinder diaphragm pump with large displacement and reliable work.

The self-propelled sprayer has a wide spray range, large capacity and high working efficiency, and is an ideal riding-type pastoral management machine. The product has compact structure, beautiful appearance, segmented design boom, automatic elasticity, convenient operation, anti-drip spray head, anti-collision boom and water and dry tires.