What are the common faults of electric sprayers
- 2020-03-06-

There may be some common faults in the process of using the electric sprayer, so how can the troubleshooting be carried out? The use and protection of electric sprayers must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the product instructions for use and protection, but also pay attention to the following points.

①The new cowhide bowl on the sprayer such as the 16 type of workers and farmers should be immersed in engine oil or animal oil (vegetable oil is avoided) before the device, and soaked for 24 hours. When installing the plug rod assembly into the pump barrel, pay attention to placing the side of the cowhide bowl diagonally in the pump barrel, and then rotate it to upright the plug rod, using the other hand to help press the edge of the cup into the pump barrel. It can be loaded smoothly, and avoid hard traffic jams.

②Select the proper spray rod and spray head according to the needs. There are several types of spray bars for the NS-15 sprayer. The double spray head T-shaped spray bar and the four spray head direct spray spray bar are suitable for wide-area spraying. The U-shaped double spray head spray bar can be used for spraying on the crop row. The lateral double spray head spray bar Suitable for spraying crop bases on both sides between rows. Hollow cone fog nozzles have several nozzles with different apertures. The large orifice has a larger flow rate, thicker droplets, and a larger spray angle; on the contrary, the smaller orifice has a smaller flow rate, finer droplets, and a smaller spray angle. It can be selected according to the requirements of spraying work and the size of crops.

③In the T-shaped direct spray nozzle of the NS-15 sprayer, the device 110 & # 39; the slit nozzle, the groove on the nozzle should be slightly deflected to form a 50 angle with the axis of the spray rod , So that the mist streams of adjacent nozzles do not hit each other. When working, pay attention to the height of the spray bar, so that the mist streams of each nozzle are stacked on top of each other, and the amount of mist is evenly distributed in the entire spray range.

④ When performing work, the rocker should be moved 18-25 times per minute. When working with the 16, long I-10m sprayer, do not overshoot and bend to prevent the liquid from spilling from the lid and splashing on the body.

The most important thing to note is that the low-capacity electric sprayer must be replaced with a nozzle of 0. 7 mm in diameter. Otherwise, if a large-aperture nozzle is used, it will not only pick up large mist, spoil the medicine, but also take a lot of work. Electric sprayer manufacturer Hangyu Plastic will tell you the details of the problem, and I hope to help everyone.