How to operate the self-propelled medicine fight machine correctly?
- 2020-03-05-

Self-propelled fight drugsMany areas are a little larger now, which allows plant protection equipment to enter the operation site. It is also the best choice for spraying drugs in parallel. This situation pollutes the human body seriously and is very unsafe to use. The outlet of the axial flow fan of the self-propelled sprayer is tapered. According to the aerodynamic principle and the turbulence theory, a large vortex will occur on the cone surface of the air cylinder, which causes a large energy loss, and the rectifier The shape is rugby-shaped, the surface is lubricated, and the airflow changes the channel, which reduces the loss of airflow energy. So how to operate the self-propelled drug fight machine correctly?

  1. Check the pipeline before starting the self-propelled drug sprayer. The fasteners of the circuit are not loose. Press the start button and hear the rolling sound of the machine, indicating that the circuit is normal. The window on the high-voltage line fired, indicating that the spark plug is ignited normally.

  2, self-propelled medicine fight machine fills the medicine liquid, add the diluted medicine liquid into the medicine barrel with a funnel with a filter screen, do not add too much, the medicine liquid is 2-3 centimeters away from the top of the medicine box It is advisable to tighten the lid of the medicine barrel so as not to leak air or water (be careful not to tighten too much to avoid breaking the medicine barrel cover for a long time). Both lids should be tightened. (When reprocessing pesticides, the safety instructions provided by pesticide manufacturers should be followed)

  5, self-propelled sprayer spraying and flameout

After the machine is stable, it can be sprayed by preheating for a few seconds. When the medicine valve is switched on and off, it should be opened gradually, not too fast, otherwise the machine will choke and the flame will be easily turned off. When the flame is turned off, the medicine valve switch should be closed quickly, and the nozzle should be tilted downwards to prevent the water vapor from entering the machine and the spark plug choked , Causing difficulties for the next launch. After spraying the medicine, first turn off the medicine valve switch, let the machine idle for 3-5 seconds, then drain the water vapor in the machine, and then turn off the oil tank switch to turn off the flame, to ensure that the water vapor inside the machine is clean, so it is convenient to start the next time.