What are the steps for using self-propelled fight drugs?
- 2020-03-05-

  1,Self-propelled fight drugsCheck the pipeline before starting, and the fasteners of the circuit are not loose. Press the launch button and hear the machine roll over, indicating that the circuit is normal. The window on the high-voltage line fired, indicating that the spark plug is ignited normally.

  2 、 The self-propelled orchard fight machine adds gasoline to open the fuel tank cover, use a fuel funnel, be careful not to fill too much, the oil surface is at least 3 cm away from the top, and then tighten the fuel tank cover (Do not tighten too tightly to prevent the lid from breaking).

  3 、 The self-propelled orchard medicine fight machine is filled with medicine liquid and the lid of the medicine barrel is opened, and the diluted medicine liquid is taken into the medicine barrel with a funnel with a filter screen. The top should be 2-3 centimeters, and then tighten the medicine barrel cover so that there is no air leakage or water leakage (be careful not to tighten too much, and the medicine barrel cover will be broken for a long time), both of them should be tightened. (When reprocessing pesticides, the safety instructions supplied by pesticide manufacturers should be strictly observed)

  4 、 Initiation and shutdown of self-propelled drug fight machine Open the fuel tank switch, tap the initiation button in quick succession, the gasoline will be pressed into the two carburetor through the oil filter cup, the machine will be launched, after the machine is stabilized , Release the launch button. If you do n’t initiate it at the beginning, turn off the fuel tank switch, tap the start button continuously, and drain the remaining gasoline in the carburetor. When you hear the machine beeping, continue to click the button and another Turn the fuel tank switch with one hand at the same time, and the machine will start.

Under normal circumstances, the machine will be initiated 3-5 times after the button is jogged. If the machine is not initiated more than 6 times, do not start it again. At this time, turn off the fuel tank switch to discharge the oil before re-initiating. It is necessary to develop the habit of pressing the machine button to drain the oil before launching each time. After hearing the sound of "Bang Boom", turn on the fuel tank switch to initiate. If there is a "Boom" sound, it can't be initiated. When the machine stops, just turn off the fuel tank switch.

  5 After the self-propelled orchard sprayer and flameout machine are stable, preheat the spray for a few seconds. When the medicine valve is switched on, it should be opened gradually, and not too fast, otherwise the machine will simply choke and the machine will be turned off. When the machine is turned off, the medicine valve switch should be closed sensitively. At the same time, the nozzle should be tilted downwards to avoid the water vapor choke and spark plug from entering the machine It is difficult to launch next time. After spraying the medicine, first turn off the medicine valve switch, let the machine idle for 3-5 seconds, then drain the water vapor in the machine, and then turn off the oil tank switch to turn off the flame to ensure the clean water vapor inside the machine.

The above is the correct operation and use method of self-propelled orchard sprayer. I hope that the above content can help farmers who use self-propelled orchard sprayer. I hope that the above content can help farmers use scientific medicine and cooperate with the use of sprayer. To achieve the goal of multiplying the effectiveness of pesticide application in orchards and field forest farms.