What should I pay attention to when using self-propelled fight drugs?
- 2020-03-05-

The self-propelled medicine fightr is a planting and protecting machine which is equipped with a spray head on a horizontal spray bar or a vertical spray bar, which can supply driving power and walking power, and can complete its work without other power supply. It has a high working power , Good spray quality, uniform spray volume distribution, suitable for large area spraying of liquid preparations such as pesticides, fertilizers and plant production regulators. Self-propelled sprayers are widely used in field crops, lawns, nurseries, wall vineyards and Specific occasions (such as airports, road melting snow, weeding beside highways, etc.).

The agricultural machinery we know better can disperse the liquid and finish spraying a large area, and it is very simple to use and easy to carry. It has become a product that many customers like. In recent years, it has become a very important product in agricultural development , We should pay attention to the correct use when using it, so as to ensure the service life of the product and let it serve us better, so what should we pay attention to when using it? Xiaobian came to tell us, take a look.

When we use it, we should choose to work in a sunny climate and the air quality is relatively good. It is not suitable to work in an environment with many people and animals around. Try not to work at night, in heavy fog and thunderstorms, and not in hot weather. The sprayer must be able to be used normally, with clean water sprayed, and no leakage anywhere. The power machine and the liquid pump are working normally, there is no problem with drainage, and the pressure regulation is normal. Then our operation understands the function of the medicine, the use method and the matters needing attention, so that there will be no mistakes.

The operator is healthy, without heart disease, high blood pressure, no mental illness, and no symptoms of drug allergy. Do not work when you are emotionally unstable, tired or under the influence of alcohol. When working, you must strictly adhere to your post, do not leave your post, and pay attention to pedestrian dynamics. Workers should wear thorough labor protection supplies, rubber gloves and glasses when dispensing medicine or wind.

The use matters that can not be ignored by self-propelled fight drugs have been explained in detail above. Only by understanding how to use can we make no mistakes during use and work more powerfully, so that the product can play its role. , I hope our introduction can help us.