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How to operate the four-wheel fight drugs more conveniently?
- 2020-03-05-

When the front wheels of the four-wheel sprayer are turning, it is necessary to meet the Ackerman steering principle of the two front wheel corners to avoid wheel side slip. The four wheels only roll without sliding. The four wheels roll around the same center point O. The extension of the center axis of the non-steering wheel reduces running resistance and tire wear. This is the four-wheel Ackerman principle. If the sprayer turns left, the front left and rear wheels are the reference angle, and the steering wheel controls the rotation angle of the two reference wheels to achieve the purpose of four-wheel steering.

When turning around in situ, the four wheels roll to a tangent position of a circle, and the sprayer will turn around the center of the circle. The four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering completed by the four-wheel drug fight machine have the great advantage of not harming the crops, because the four wheels are paddy wheels, and the width is only 8. 5 cm wide. This four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering spray machine has been successfully used in practical production. After the operation observation in the mall, the four-wheel steering system runs steadily. The advantage of low cost investment. It has greater social and economic benefits for plant protection spraying,

First, you must strictly check the four-wheeled fight drugs before you fight drugs. Before starting, check whether the lubricating oil in the liquid pump is within the prescribed oil high-line scale, whether the air pressure is sufficient, and whether the lubricating oil and fuel oil in the power machine are sufficient. Try to spray clean water to see if there is any leakage everywhere, and if there is any leakage, pay close attention to eliminate it. Check whether the screws and bolts on the machine are loose, and then check them before they can be used in the field.

Second, the matters needing attention. Before starting, it is necessary to wear qualified and effective labor protection equipment, spraying should pay attention to the wind direction, in general, spray as far as possible to avoid poisoning. When making liquid medicine, it should be carried out strictly in proportion and in the required order. Dispensers must wear full protective equipment for labor protection. After the production is completed, the empty bottles will be collected and recycled, and it is forbidden to throw them randomly.

During the work process, the four-wheel fight drugs should operate at a uniform speed. After the spraying work is completed, it must be sprayed with clean water for a few minutes to clean the residual liquid in the pump and the pipeline, and then dehydrated for a few minutes to drain off the residual water in the pump, and wear the work clothes and hats when spraying. , Masks and goggles are cleaned.

Third, hedging measures in various situations. Although the safety factor is very high, it is not careless. Operate the four-wheel fight drugs strictly for labor protection, and do not take off labor protection supplies at will. Strictly abide by the operating rules in the work, and shall not engage in activities unrelated to spraying. When spraying the liquid on the skin, face, and eyes of the personnel, they should immediately rinse with clean water.

Fourth, the choice of working environment. When spraying crops, you should choose to work in fine weather and with good air quality. It is not advisable to work at night, in heavy fog and thunderstorm weather, work in hot and scorching heat, or work in an environment with many people and animals around.