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What are the processes for maintaining plastic turnover baskets?
- 2020-04-17-

Turnover basketThe shared circulation is a reasonable application mode of unitized logistics vehicles. In the revolving basket circulation sharing mode, starting from providing revolving baskets for farmers, the revolving basket circulation sharing service provider will transport these revolving baskets filled with fresh products directly from the field to the retail terminal. After use, the service provider will clean, repair, and inspect the recycled baskets so that they can be recycled and shared.

The maintenance of plastic turnover basket is divided into two processes, before and after use.

Before using the plastic revolving basket, we must clearly distribute the product with it-plastic tray, that is to say, when using the plastic plastic revolving basket, we should deploy the plastic tray to avoid using 2 Direct contact with the storefront creates friction and wears on the plastic basket,

1. When using plastic revolving baskets, be sure to use plastic trays. The purpose of this is to avoid direct contact between the revolving basket and the ground, and to reduce the damage caused by time-induced oxidation and improper artificial ground friction.

Second, in the process of use, the corresponding items must be loaded strictly in accordance with the standards and dimensions of the turnover basket.

If the standard of plastic revolving basket is content 22. 3 L ± 0. 5 L, then the weight of this revolving basket must not exceed 22. { {5}} L, so as to ensure the use of the turnover basket. In addition to the standard use of plastic turnover baskets, what should we do in the case of use?

When not in use, we also need to pay attention to the storage and maintenance of the turnover basket, to avoid direct exposure to sunlight or rain, which will also affect the service life of the turnover basket. When storing, we also need to pay attention to the cleaning and dryness of the turnover basket. Before storing, we must carefully check whether the stains on the turnover basket are clean or dry. This can also effectively reduce the damage of the turnover basket.

The maintenance of plastic turnover is introduced to us here. Good maintenance can prolong the service life of plastic turnover basket and reduce damage. It can also save the operating costs of enterprises and should not be underestimated.