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What should be paid attention to during the dispensing of electric sprayers?
- 2020-02-27-

In order to facilitate the application of pesticides, many farmer friends now do not make the diluent separately when spraying the herbicide, but directly join the herbicide in the electric sprayer, make the diluent in the sprayer tank, and spray it directly after mixing. However, due to poor mastery of the skill of making herbicide diluent, problems often occur in the production process, which directly affect the herbicidal effect. In order to improve the control effect of herbicides, it is necessary to pay attention to the following four issues during the dispensing process:

1. Herbicide dosage form

There are many forms of herbicides, and different forms of preparation are different. For example, emulsions, liquids and suspensions will dissolve and diffuse quickly after seeing water. Herbicides of these dosage forms can be prepared by one-step dilution method. A certain amount of herbicides can be directly diluted in the sprayer. Shi. This method can be used for 72% Dole Emulsion and 90% Honex EC. Wettable powders, dry suspension emulsions and other dosage forms cannot use one-step dilution method, but it is necessary to use two-step dilution method to make:

The first is to accurately weigh the herbicide according to the requirements, add a small amount of water and stir to make it fully dissolved is the mother liquor. The second step is to add a certain amount of mother liquor to a certain amount of water and spray it evenly after dilution. 75% boring suspoemulsion, 25% herbicidal wettable powders, etc. are necessary to use this method to dilute, but never use one-step dilution method.

2. Make diluent

To make the diluent in the sprayer medicine box, it is necessary to take about 10 centimeters of water in the medicine box before slowly adding the medicine or mother liquor to the medicine box, and then adding water to the water level line to spray. Never pour the medicament or mother liquor before the water tank is filled with fresh water or after the water tank is filled with water, because it is difficult to make a uniform dilution, which will seriously affect the control effect.

3. The medicine liquid in the medicine box should be sprayed immediately after being prepared

The reason is that the specific gravity of various herbicides is not exactly the same as that of water. For example, the specific gravity of herbicides is greater than that of water. After storage for a period of time, the herbicides will sink, resulting in a large concentration of the lower chemical solution and a small concentration of the upper chemical solution. effect.

4. The diluent in the sprayer is better to the water level line added to the sprayer

The diluent in the electric sprayer should be added to the water level line of the sprayer, and it should never overflow at once. If the sprayer medicine box is overflowed, the medicine liquid in the medicine box is difficult to shake when the sprayer walks. The medicine simply sinks or floats, which affects the uniformity of the medicine liquid and then affects the weeding effect. In addition, when the applicator is applying the medicine, the medicine liquid is simply spilled from the mouth of the medicine box and spills onto the agent, so the medicine liquid in the medicine box must not be overfilled.