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What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing electric sprayers?
- 2020-02-27-

ShopElectric sprayerWhen you should pay attention to three points

Since the quality of sprayer products will directly affect the operator's personal health and human safety, the safety of agricultural products and environmental pollution issues, users should pay attention to the following three points when purchasing electric sprayers:

  1, look at the logo

① Check whether the product's trademark, factory name, factory address and certificate of conformity are complete;

② From the product packaging, the outer packaging of the whole machine should be firm and reliable; the standard code of product performance should be marked on the packaging box, and the random file contains the product operation manual, three guarantees, and the product certificate should be complete;

③ Check whether there is a "3 C" mark. All the regular enterprises in the sprayer industry have passed the "3 C" compulsory certification, and the "CCC" mark should be in a prominent position of the product.

  2, look at the appearance

① Look at the appearance of plastic parts: if the plastic parts of the sprayer are made of recycled materials or defective materials, the color is often dirty, and the plastic parts produced by the new materials are generally bright in color and have certain transparency;

②Look at the processing quality of the whole machine and parts: the process of the residual inferior sprayer is relatively rough, and the plasticization of the plastic parts is uneven; the rubber tube can be seen from the raw materials, and the quality of the rubber tube with the inner pressure layer is generally better; the good medicine tank is generally Speaking of thick and uniform characteristics;

③Look at the installation quality: the moving parts should be flexible in operation, and must not be stuck or bumped; the non-moving parts should not be significantly deformed or twisted after installation; the fasteners should be firm and secure; the welding parts should be firm.

  3, simple test

①Weighing: sprayers with good quality are generally thicker and heavier;

② For the FRP boom, use both hands to grasp the two ends of the boom and twist in both directions. A good boom will generally not break;

③Water-filling test machine: the spray of the sprayer should be continuous and even, and there should be no leakage of parts and connections; at the same time, the liquid tank filled with water can be tilted by about 45 ° in all directions, and the connection of the tank cover There are no leaks; in addition, you can also ask the merchant to drop the liquid tank full of water from the height of 1 m to the ground to see if the liquid tank leaks and breaks, and the merchants who operate defective products generally do not Will agree with the user's request.