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Maintenance of electric sprayer
- 2020-03-04-

The plan of the year lies in the spring. This is a very old saying and of course it is so classic that it has been handed down to this day. In the spring when everything is recovering, it is also the time for people to start planting a year. Farm tools that dormant in winter have to start working from scratch. The first thing about farming is weeding, etc. This requires the use of electric sprayers, so what should we pay attention to in the process of using electric sprayers in spring?

In spring, it is the season when the electric sprayer is used in spring tillage and spring sowing. How to make the electric sprayer for leisure and winter work normally, I believe that there are four keys to protection.

  1. Arrange before use. Do a good job of lubrication, adjustment, tightening, etc., so as to prevent loosening and astringency between different parts caused by the long-term storage of the electric sprayer in winter, to ensure that the machine is put into work with good skills.

  2 Since the temperature in spring has just risen, the metal parts of the electric sprayer are still brittle. The maintenance of the lubrication system during the operation of the electric sprayer must use lubricants according to the rules and standards, and the thermal coefficient and viscosity should be moderate. The maintenance cycle and standards should also be paid attention to. Regular cleaning and timely replacement of filter components to reduce wear and tear on the machine parts.

  3. The heat dissipation components do the necessary heat preservation measures to prevent excessive cooling of the engine, reduce the pressure of the engine operating conditions, and also reduce fuel consumption.

  4 After the agricultural machinery is completed, it should be parked in a sheltered shelter. If it is placed in the open, the battery should be removed to prevent it from being damaged by a sudden cold climate.

After using the electric sprayer, especially when it is not used for a period of time, it is necessary to perform maintenance. Clean in time. Clean the parts of the liquid medicine barrel, hose, spray bar and other parts one by one, and carefully remove the dirt in the concave part of the bottom of the liquid medicine tank, the liquid medicine on the barrel body and the water pump. After spraying the herbicide with an electric sprayer, soak the liquid medicine tank for 1 ~ 2 hours with alkaline water or detergent powder water, and then rinse it with clean water several times to avoid the residue of the next spray And phytotoxicity occurred. After cleaning, the water in each part should be drained and dried to avoid corrosion.