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What is the scope of application of self-propelled fight drugs
- 2020-04-03-

The self-propelled sprayer is mainly used in agriculture, rice, orchards, flower nurseries, vegetable bases and other spraying to control diseases and insect pests and pumping irrigation. It can also be used to clean vehicles, public places, garbage sites and animal husbandry. Power, drug pump, can be arbitrarily combined to meet different levels and market needs. The unique liquid mixing equipment has the same effect before and after spraying and disinfection. The ball reel is particularly light and labor-saving.

Self-propelled pesticides can be used for the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests on farm crops and the epidemic prevention of livestock farms and various storage and transportation warehouses. It is also suitable for disinfection and epidemic prevention projects to improve the urban environment.

First of all, the self-propelled sprayer should be operated in a sunny climate with good air quality. It is not suitable to work in the night, heavy fog and thunderstorm climate, and not in the hot summer heat. It is not suitable to work in an environment with many people and animals around. The self-propelled sprayer must be able to be used normally, with clean water sprayed without leakage. The power machine and the liquid pump are working normally, there is no problem with drainage, and the pressure regulation is normal.

Secondly, the operator must have a certain level of education, understand the function of self-propelled sprayer, use method and matters needing attention. The operator is healthy, without heart disease, high blood pressure, no mental illness, and no symptoms of drug allergy. Do not work when you are emotionally unstable, tired, or after drinking. When working on self-propelled fight drugs, we must strictly adhere to our posts and do not leave our posts. Time should pay attention to pedestrian dynamics. Workers must wear a full range of labor protection supplies, rubber gloves and glasses when dispensing medicines or in windy conditions.

The self-propelled sprayer has the advantages of convenient movement, high-altitude eruption, and simple operation. It can comfortably and economically spray plant protection agents and particles on fruits, vegetables, flowers and trees. It can effectively help you do the maintenance of wild plants. Self-propelled small-sized pesticides are suitable for the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests in forests, nurseries, orchards, and tea gardens, and the prevention of pests and diseases in cotton, wheat, rice, corn, and other field crops and large-scale pastures. Prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests in the greenhouses, sanitation and disinfection of hospitals, conference rooms, theaters, stadiums, wharves, stations, buses, passenger trains, disinfection of urban sewers and heating channels, basements, air raids and various cargo warehouses Sterilization. Such as; high-rise residential buildings, villas, office buildings, schools, canteens, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, feed factories, warehouses, vegetable farms, supermarkets, garbage disposal and filling areas, underground drains, streets, jungles, cattle farms, and chicken farms Farms, pig farms and other forestry trees, agriculture and other pest and disease prevention, farms and other local pest-preventing infectious diseases can be used in various places.