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Application and Function of Four-Wheel Fighter
- 2020-04-09-

Four-wheel fight drugsIt can be used for the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests on farm crops and the epidemic prevention of livestock farms and various storage and transportation warehouses. It is also suitable for disinfection and epidemic prevention projects to improve the urban environment. Such as; high-rise residential buildings, villas, office buildings, campuses, canteens, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, feed factories, warehouses, vegetable farms, supermarkets, garbage disposal and filling areas, underground drains, streets, jungles, cattle farms, chicken Farms, pig farms and other forestry trees, agriculture and other pest control, farms and other local pests can be used to prevent infectious diseases.

  1. The diameter of the mist particles produced by the four-wheeled pesticide sprayer is very small. It is well known that pesticide mist particles are small and the prevention and treatment effect is good. Various tests have shown that the penetration of smoke can be described as permeable, and can kill pests in the gaps of dense tree crowns and even barks.

  2 、 Smoke particle size is small, so there are many fog particles. Tests have shown that the greater the number of mist particles per unit area, the better the control effect. Many fog particles are diffused in the space and distributed evenly, which greatly increases the time of contact with germs and pests, which is beneficial to improve the control effect. This advantage is significant when it is controlled in a room (shed).

  3 The smoke particles are small and have multi-directional accumulation characteristics. The fog particles are accumulated on the front and back sides of the branches and the insect body in all directions, and the accumulation rate on small targets is higher, such as insect antennae and hair This is one of the reasons for the good effect of pest control.

  4. The smoke diffuses and spreads in the space and is suspended, which is especially useful for killing flying insects. The prevention and control of rubber has achieved good results on powdery mildew and anthracnose. One of the reasons is that the spores of the bacteria are conveyed by air, and many suspended smoke easily meets the spores, which can suppress the composition of the floating spore aspirator, so that it loses infection and Reproduction ability, and then achieve outstanding control effects.

  5, the smoke particles are small, plus oil, anti-rainwater scouring, lasting effect, good control effect, and rainy weather has little effect on the sprayed smoke.