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What are the characteristics of the four-wheel medicine fight machine?
- 2020-03-05-

Four-wheel fight drugsWide spray width, large capacity, high working efficiency and better performance: good atomization, anti-drift, segmented design forged aluminum anti-corrosion treatment spray rod. Automatic elasticity, convenient operation, common three-cylinder diverter valve design and configuration, good maneuverability, compact structure, beautiful appearance and practicality.

Features of fight drugs:

  1, 700 L has a large liquid tank, long spraying time, and high working efficiency.

  2, choose multi-cylinder diaphragm pump, large displacement, reliable work

  3. The spray bar adopts the drawbar turntable folding organization. The lifting, opening and folding of the spray bar can be controlled by operating buttons in the driving position, which is convenient and labor-saving.

  4. The boom is made of stainless steel, which is durable and has a long service life.

  5, four-wheel steering, convenient steering, less pressure, less money, more common system, 5 minutes straightening.

  6, can raise and lower the fertilizer spreader, it is convenient and quick to add fertilizer, and spread evenly

  7, joint file organization, convenient and easy to operate.

  8 The design of the loader frame and hydraulic system is followed, which is strong in anti-destructive power and durable.

  9, 50 horsepower diesel engines with plenty of power.

  10 The special reinforced bridge is durable and strong against damage.

Height adjustable medicine arm folding: manual folding medicine arm lifting: manual lifting nozzle spacing: 20 cm-70 cm adjustable nozzle model: 2 spray angle: 110 degree scope of application: The product is mainly suitable for agriculture, rice, vegetable bases and other spraying to prevent diseases and insect pests and pumping irrigation and other operations, can also be used to clean vehicles, public places, garbage sites and animal husbandry spraying and disinfection. The liquid medicine is crushed into micron particles in 60 seconds and discharged into the air to cool and form a mist (smog). It is ejected from the nozzle at a high speed and spreads quickly and full. When the target being controlled comes into contact with this mist Or smoke, it plays a role in prevention or treatment.

The four-wheeled pesticide fight machine can be widely used in soybean, wheat, rice, potato and other crops, pasture, garden flowers and other plants in a large area of ​​pre-sowing soil treatment, seedling eradication and pest control. This model is suitable for spraying various pesticides and other herbicides.