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How to use compression electric sprayer?
- 2020-03-04-

At present, the sprayers that are widely used in rural areas are 552 type, 552 type C compression typeElectric sprayer. It is a small manual machine used for spraying pesticide liquid. It only needs one person to operate, it is light and flexible, and it is suitable for short crops with small area and area. When using this sprayer. The following points should be noted.

  1. Before using the new sprayer, remove the gland, drip a little engine oil into the air cylinder, lubricate the leather cup, and then install the parts in sequence, pay attention to the installation of gaskets at each joint before tightening.

  2. You should add fresh water first, and tighten the deflation screw on the upper part of the body. Grasp the iron handle by hand and pump up and down 30-5 0 times (pump the plug to pump up It should be stable, and the foot should be pulled and pressed every time), turn on the switch to spray, check whether there is water leakage and air leakage at each pipe joint, and observe whether the spray is normal. If it is normal, you can work in the field. If the spray is not good, or there is water leakage or air leakage, it should be 5 m more reasonable.

  3. If there is a slight air leak in the water filling cap, shake the barrel a few times to make the water contact with the tank cap. To strengthen the seal of the tank cap, continue to pump up and increase the pressure in the tank. The greater the pressure, the tighter the water cap.

  4. When repairing the fault, the bleed nut should be loosened first, and the deflation gas should be released. Otherwise, the medicine liquid will hurt people and animals.

  5. When filling people with clear water or potions, do not exceed the height line of the potions marked on the outside of the body to ensure the storage of compressed air and pressure. When adding medicine, the medicine liquid should be filtered to avoid impurities blocking the spray hole.

  6. In order to ensure trouble-free use and prolong the service life of the sprayer, it is necessary to pour out the remaining liquid after each use. When pouring medicine, you should first loosen the tension nut.

Press the tightening screw to let the residual gas in the barrel exhaust, then unscrew the water cap, pour out the liquid medicine, and then wash it with clean water. After using the highly corrosive liquid or emulsion, or before long-term storage, wash the surface of the sprayer with alkaline water, then rinse with warm water (warm water), and spray the air to clean the inside of the hose and spray bar. Open the bucket lid, pour out the remaining water, and lay the water connector down, and wipe the barrel body to prevent corrosion. At the same time, the screws should be wiped and stored with oil to prevent the rusty wave tube from hanging up and hanging down at both ends; the spray rod should be stored upright and the spray head should be up. Make the accumulated water flow out; the apron and leather bowl at the joint Apply some engine oil to avoid shrinkage.

  7. When installing the leather cup, half of the leather cup should be placed diagonally in the air cylinder, and then rotated, and the stopper should be vertically raised, and the edge of the bowl should not be turned hard.

  8. The sprayer should be stored in a cool and dry place, and should not be stacked with corrosive materials such as pesticides and non-robbery.