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Production process of electric sprayer
- 2020-02-27-

At present, the sprayers sold in the rural market in China are basically small. Among them, manual-bearing plastic sprayers are currently used in a large number of common spraying equipment, accounting for 80% of the annual sales of plant protection machinery products in the country It accounts for more than 95% of the social protection of plant protection machinery.

There are many types of sprayer products. Generally, there are two types of internal and external types of air chambers according to the structure. There are two types of blow molding and injection molding according to the production process of the product. Because the sprayer has a simple structure, low price, large market demand, small production input, and easy assembly, at the same time, the sales target of the sprayer is generally farmers, and the sales market is basically concentrated in the countryside.

Therefore, counterfeit and inferior electric sprayer products have great living space and occupy a large market share. The quality problems of the sprayer are generally manifested in the following aspects: ① raw materials do not meet the requirements, ② cut corners, ③ safety warning signs do not meet the requirements, ④ sub-charge.

The electric sprayer is composed of a liquid storage tank connected through a filter, a coupling head, a suction device (small electric pump), a connecting pipe, a nozzle, and a spray nozzle. The suction is a small electric pump, which is connected to the battery through the wire and the switch Electric connection, the battery box is installed at the bottom of the liquid storage barrel, and the liquid storage barrel can be made into a recess with a sunken battery. The strength of the electric sprayer is because the suction suction tube is eliminated, and then the pesticide is effectively eliminated. The filter harms the operator and saves effort, and the pressure of the electric pump is greater than the pressure of the manual suction cylinder, which increases the spraying interval and range. Good atomization effect, saving time, effort and medicine!

As the saying goes: "A penny pays for goods", "Comparison of three goods", too low-priced sprayer products, it is often impossible to strictly produce according to specifications, users should be far away when buying. If you want to buy a reliable sprayer, you should try to select the products of well-known enterprises with large scale, good product quality and good service quality, and buy them from regular merchants with fixed operating addresses.

Because the safety of the built-in sprayer in the air chamber is better, you should choose a sprayer with a built-in structure. Of course, the price of the built-in sprayer is generally higher than that of the external sprayer.

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