Knapsack type electric fertilizing planter

Knapsack type electric fertilizing planter

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Knapsack-type electric fertilizing planter solves the problem of wheat, corn and other crops, before and after artificially fertilizing, realizes the mechanization of fertilizing operations, improves the level of farmland mechanization operations, reduces labor intensity, improves labor days, avoids When artificial fat is applied, the skin will be in contact with chemical fertilizer for a long time, which is beneficial to the health of citizens. Improves the uniformity of upper fertilizer, which is conducive to the growth of crops. High productivity, so that the next crop can be cultivated early when rushing to farm.

The piggyback top-fertilizer tiller includes a storage tank with a blanking tube installed at the bottom. The outlet of the blanking tube is connected to the air outlet of the blower. A movable valve piece is hinged on the inner wall of the air pipe, and the bottom valve is connected to the movable valve piece through a connecting rod penetrating the blanking pipe. Blanking hole.

When the self-propelled high-pole crop spraying machine works, the air flow generated by the air blower blows towards the air outlet pipe, and the movable valve piece hinged on the inner wall of the air outlet pipe is turned upward by the air flow, and passes through the connecting rod to advance the bottom valve The inlet of the falling pipe is opened, and the fertilizer, seeds and other materials that enter the material cover fall from the inlet of the falling pipe and enter the air outlet pipe. The airflow in the air outlet pipe is sprinkled out of the machine with the eruption and is spilled on the soil. in.