Electric sowing fertilizer applicator

Electric sowing fertilizer applicator

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The electric planting fertilizer applicator is suitable for various granular fertilizers, and can be used for hole sowing or fertilizing corn, sorghum, cotton, oil sunflower, sugar beet, tobacco, cabbage, kohlrabi, cucumber, watermelon, tomato, eggplant, pepper, bean, etc It can also be used for saplings, sugar cane, etc.

The main advantages are simple operation, time-saving, labor-saving, high-efficiency and quick operation on a single person. The control switch and speed control switch can control the distance of fertilization, the diameter is 7-10 meters, and the near 0. 5 meters The fertilizer area is wide, and the cushion is made of breathable cushions to prevent sweating for a long time, so as to prevent the human body from touching the fertilizer, and the safety is greatly increased. The motor has small power, light weight, voltage 12 V, speed 5 400 rpm, fast charging, and can be used for more than 5 hours when fully charged.

The sowing fertilizer applicator is a kind of agricultural cultivation and fertilizer application equipment, and the cylinder body is a steel pipe. The lower part is equipped with a fixed duckbill, which is matched with the fixed duckbill to form a freely movable duckbill. A push rod is installed on the axis of the cylinder. The lower end of the push rod can be equipped with a control hammer, a scoring spoon, and a grading according to the fertilizer or cultivation It can also be equipped with internal conical blockers, stoppers, and seed distribution discs according to fertilizer application or cultivation in the cylinder.