Turnover basket

Turnover basket

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Revolving baskets are divided into revolving boxes (without mesh) and revolving baskets (with mesh). Since the revolving baskets are basically made of plastic, the revolving baskets are also sealed with revolving boxes. Revolving baskets are mostly used in industrial assembly line circulation and storage accumulation Combined with the turnover box and plastic pallets, they are combined into three industrial treasures. Now the turnover basket has also turned around and started to spread throughout the development of the agricultural industry, replacing bamboo baskets for fruit and vegetables!

Low temperature resistant plastic totes meet both the requirements of standardization and multimodal transportation, and can be connected to the upstream, middle and downstream. Whether it is the in-depth promotion of standardization or the promotion of regional logistics integration, there are no small help. On the other hand, the low temperature resistant folding tote meets the requirements of food-grade packaging, and the quality is reliable, it can be recycled repeatedly, and it can be folded to save space, which is conducive to reducing packaging and transportation costs.

Turnover baskets are divided into several types: mesh stackable, mesh stackable, closed-closed, closed-foldable, suitable for warehouse, production line, and internal turnover of the factory area. The stackable type is suitable for stacking, and the sleeve type is not suitable for stacking, but space can be saved after use. The mesh type can only accumulate solid objects, and the closed type can accumulate solid objects and liquid objects. Disposable plastic basket. The turnover basket can also be divided into general turnover basket and anti-static turnover basket by function!