Blow molded vertical water storage bucket

Blow molded vertical water storage bucket

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At present, most of the water in agriculture uses water storage tanks to hold water, and our agriculture uses water at the same time as it is inseparable from the water storage barrels. Its internal capacity is large for our long-term use. However, the blow molded vertical water storage bucket will accumulate some scale on the bottom of the bucket for a long time. This layer of scale adheres to the bottom of the bucket and the bottle mouth is narrow and small. It is difficult to clean.

In fact, there is a coup to clean the dust at the bottom of the bucket. Teach you a way to quickly clean this layer of dust. When we fill the water, it is clean and hygienic. You can drink at home with peace of mind.

First, remove the bottle and sprinkle some salt in the bucket,Horizontal water storage bucketThen add some warm water. The salt can be sterilized and disinfected to make the inside of the bucket more clean. After pouring the salt, we shake it back and forth a few times and then pour out the water in the bucket.

Prepare a small amount of rice and pour it into the bucket together with half a cup, and then the bucket rolls back and forth to allow the rice and the bottom of the bucket to fully rub. The rice has a cleaning effect. You can see the change in the open line in the bucket after rolling for a few minutes. Cleaned the dirt. Just pour out the rice in the bucket and wash it again and again with clean water, so that we will be more hygienic when we fill and drink water.